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Here I'll publish my some of my thoughts, experiments and ideas and the result of them. Also each month I'll post what I think are the best assets I've bought the previous month. You may find some useful tips and tricks. But the blog isn't written with that in mind.

04-12-2018 - December is here
29-11-2018 - Time for some database maintenance
11-11-2018 - Shopping Highlights of October
13-10-2018 - Shopping Highlights of September
04-10-2018 - Mission to render my entire 3D Library
29-09-2018 - My 3D printed mascot
07-09-2018 - Shopping Highlights of August
03-08-2018 - Shopping Highlights of July
01-08-2018 - My first success in 3D modelling
26-07-2018 - Planning the future for the site
16-07-2018 - Animating A Walk Cycle
10-07-2018 - When I'm Writing My Reviews
07-07-2018 - Shopping Highlights of June
25-06-2018 - Starting With D-formers
18-06-2018 - A Challenge To Myself
02-06-2018 - Shopping Highlights of May
11-05-2018 - First Attempts In 3D Modelling
05-05-2018 - Shopping Highlights of April
20-04-2018 - Working With Light
07-04-2018 - Shopping Highlights of March
03-03-2018 - Shopping Highlights of February
03-02-2018 - Shopping Highlights of January

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