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Persephone's Greatest Wish
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So sick and tired of The Merovingian's endless babble about cause and effect with cakes and wine. And not to mention his frequent visit at the ladies room. All Persephone want is a kiss with love and passion. with Neo og Trinity's visit to the resturant, she sees her chance to get what she has desired for so long.
I'm so excited about the comming release of The Matrix Trilogy on Blu-ray 4K UHD, that I decided to recreate one of the many amazing scenes in the trilogy.
A 3 minute scene packed into a single frame. No problem.

The image uses elements from at least the following products

Vamptress Outfit G3F
Fraser Hair G3M
Tara & Sachra HD G3F
Lucius G3M
Carrie G3F
Casual Style G3M
Beach Vibes Outfit G3M
Vampire Executioner Outfit G3M
Law Enforcement Outfits G2M and G3M
Streaming Hair G3F
FW Tobias HD G3M
X-Fashion Kitty Girl Outfit G3F
Babydoll G3F
Actual Wet Hair G3F

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