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Southern Noble Outfit G8M

Southern Noble Outfit G8M
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In the south there's wealth and prosperity. Many merchants have gained a fortune in just a few years. The most skilled merchants has even been noticed by the king's court and been honored as a member of the nobility.

The quality of the clothing is fine. But I don't like that the shirt and jacket/vest is in one piece.
If you want to use the pants without the boots, you'll notice, that the pants are only mid shin in length. I can't decide if I think that is a good thing or not. A least it gives some other possibilities, than regular length pants would give.

There's only one set of materials for this outfit, of cause that is useful as it is. But it doesn't look very noble to me, this texture looks more like a merchant. I think it would had been much better, if a second material set was included with the outfit. Or if the material set was replaced with the red set from the Southern Noble Outfit Textures. Combined with the texture pack, the material variation is great.

The outfit has many morphs to adjust each element of the outfit. The pants can be extended a little, the boots can be shortened, but the length-morphs aren't made carefully enough so the pants still fits inside the boots. There are also some morphs to move the ends of the belts and vest a little.

The boots and the pants are the easiest to use in combination with something else. A marooned person is the first that I think of. When it comes to the jacket/shirt it's only the different materials that gives me different associations.

This outfit is a DAZ original and it is are most likely bought as a part of one of the Edward 8 bundles. The outfit is named Southern Noble. Well I wouldn't think of it an outfit for a nobleman, more like a wealthy merchantman. The outfit is useful as it is, but could gain a lot if there was put more work into it. But then again the price would be higher.

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